The Return on Investment
of iController

We commit to this: your amounts due will decrease by 30 %


Your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) will drop significantly. This means invoices are being paid faster, thus resulting in a better cash and liquidity position for your company. In addition, end-users will free up to 50 % more time for more important, cognitive tasks that require human interaction.

How is this possible? Because iController is designed to facilitate credit controllers into optimizing the collections process. 

Our DSO ratio has evolved from 41 to 28 days. This means that invoices are paid on average 13 days faster than before. Moreover, the number of overdue invoices has decreased from 60% to 40%

Using iController will have a significant impact on multiple levels

Debt management efficiency

Gain instant insight into your customer’s credit score. Identify bad debtors faster by using the application. Free up more time for your collections team to focus on tasks that require human interaction, due to higher complexity.

Long-term customer relationship

Use your credit management to enhance your customer relationship and thus increase the customer lifetime value.

Collections team's productivity

Every controller can work according to his/her strenghts or specialties.

Lightning-quick implementation
& international roll-out 

Our global implementation methodology ensures a structured and quick start. Your collection teams around the globe will be using iController within a few weeks. Lower training costs, improved staff flexibility and a faster learning curve thanks to intuitive & easy-to-use interface. And the most important one: you’ll see results in your amounts due in only a couple of weeks!

Case study

Business case

The optimal Finance

1. Better cash conversion: improvement of ageing balance resulting in a much higher percentage of invoices in the ‘current’ or ‘1-30 days’-phase.

In a particular case: structural improvement of ageing balance: 10-15%

2. Total outstandings balance drops: invoices are paid faster and therefore less credit lines are required.

In a particular case: structural decrease of total outstandings balance: 20-25%

3. Less write-offs: possible non-payers are identified earlier in the payment process. iController cannot oblige them to pay but because you recognise them faster, chances of getting paid rise significantly.

Christophe Bruggeman

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