Rebranding iController to Billtrust Collections

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General International FAQs

Q | Who is Billtrust?

A | Billtrust is an American market leader in the automation of accounts receivable administration and integrated payments. Billtrust provides a full order-to-cash platform with products and solutions for:
● Credit
● Orders (eCommerce)
● Invoicing
● Payments
● Cash Application
● Collections

Q | Why did iController and Billtrust decide to work together?

A | Billtrust wants to work with cutting-edge companies in the AR space to add innovative technology to the Billtrust family of products. Billtrust’s large customer base, public company status, and comprehensive order-to-cash platform provide iController with the backing and resources to grow.

Q | Will all the operations and support for my product be moved to the United States?

A | No. Billtrust provides a global platform supported by local teams. The existing development and support resources in Europe will continue to support you as they always have. We may add resources in the U.S. to assist as we grow, but rest assured that support, operations, and development will be centered in Europe.

Q | What is Billtrust’s global presence?

A | Billtrust has 791 global employees across 7 countries in North America and Europe. We have over 2300 customers and support over 9.5 million buyers, with more than $1 trillion invoice dollars processed.

Q | What is Billtrust’s strategy for international expansion?

A | The same Billtrust cash flow solutions that made doing business in the U.S. easier and more efficient are now benefiting from internationalization. Our new international development teams, product leaders and service organizations are infusing Billtrust’s AR automation and B2B payments technologies with new capacities, while focusing on:
● Using local language options when invoicing to ensure clarity in communications, with over 13 different languages and 40 countries supported.
● Integrating all local tax and compliance requirements.
● Global currency options.

iController FAQs

Q | Why is the iController name changing?
A | As previously announced, iController was acquired by Billtrust in October 2021. Since then, we have been working to integrate our two companies’ products, people, and communications. The next step in this process is to retire the iController name. Going forward, iController will be known as Billtrust Collections.
Q | What changes will I see in the product?

A | Within the product, the iController logo will be removed and replaced with the Billtrust logo.

Q | What changes will I see in documentation and the iController website?
A | In the next few months, you will see references to iController changing to Billtrust Collections in product documentation, blog posts, and other materials. In early 2023, will be consolidated with The same resources you have on today’s website will be available to you, but with a new logo and the Billtrust Collections name.
Q | When will this name change happen?
A | You will see changes to your product when you log in on or after DATE. You will start to see changes to product documentation and website content starting now and throughout the next several months. The new website will be available in early January.
Q | How do I get customer support?
A | You will continue to receive local support from our European teams based in Ghent, Amsterdam, and Krakau–there will be no changes to the way you contact Customer Support. Billtrust knows that it can only achieve its global goals by focusing on serving and delighting customers in every locality.
Q | Will this change impact the product roadmap?
A | We will continue to listen to customers as we develop the product to ensure their needs are met. You can also expect to see future integrations with other Billtrust products as we leverage the full order-to-cash platform that Billtrust provides. And if you see a different Billtrust product that might complement what you have, you can always grow and scale into our payments ecosystem at your own pace.
Q | Will my contacts at iController change?
A | No, your account manager and current iController representatives will remain the same.