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iController is developed by and for credit managers and credit controllers. Use iController to optimize our credit management process.


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Use the right approach, right away

Imagine a situation in which you reach out to your clients on the perfect moment with the most successful action via your client’s preferred channel. Your chances of collecting the invoice increase significantly.

Customize to your needs

Choose what data from different sources you want to display and in what format. Add custom fields to match your company KPI’s. Manage your tasks centralized or decentralized according to your needs. Send personalized reminders in your own branding.

Maintain a real-time overview at all times

Get a straightforward overview of your daily to-do’s.
See the full client history and consult all invoices.
Create your own reports and dashboards. Centralize all your e-mails and information in one application

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Once clients have been assigned to their respective procedures, their corresponding actions will appear in your daily to-do list: the worksheet. The worksheet contains all actions (procedure steps) that should be processed today.

There are different ways to process suggested actions: either you execute all (or a subset of) actions within the list in bulk or you process reminders individually if you would like to add a personal touch to the default template.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility

Use iController wherever and whenever you like, on every device. Automatic updates make sure you’re always running on the latest version. Language barriers are of no concern, as the application is available in 20+ languages.

Quick onboarding thanks to
plug&play integrations

Live in days, not weeks

Rely on our smooth onboarding procedures and easy integrations with ERP systems. You will be up and running faster than expected, even on international scale.

Continue to use your favorite software provider

With 130+ integrations, there’s a good chance we have a connection to your current ERP system. Stick to your trusted software environment while geting the best out of your results.

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Integrate your iController platform with your current ERP or accounting software. Next to that, we also have integrations with 30+ software providers in the following categories:

  • Accounting software integrations
  • Online payment integrations
  • Print partner
  • Business information partners
  • Registered (e-)mail / SMS partners
  • Single Sign-On

Dive into your functional needs

Deep dive functional analysis to map your needs. Accordingly, we switch the right buttons to configure your iController application to fit your needs.

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An experienced team of consultants will have a deep dive into your credit management and advise you on how to optimize your processes by using iController. You’ll be up and running in a matter of days!

Make focusing on
customer-centricity effortless

Empower your clients

Allow your customers to automatically assign statuses using action buttons embedded in your e-mails. Enable them to pay immediately, log a payment promise of signal a dispute.

Work as a well-oiled team

Ask colleagues for help or verification in just a few clicks. Assign a case manager who is responsible for the smooth follow-up and resolution of the case.

Facilitate communication beteen customers and colleagues

Involve your customers’s account manager for straightforward communication and smooth follow-up. Centralize all communication in the iController application.

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It often happens that clients require more detailed information concerning an invoice. To solve this, iController has built a build-in module that allows each member of the organization to participate in solving disputes with clients.

Each question is created as a ‘case’ and is assigned a ‘case manager’. The case manager is responsible for solving the case, but can ask colleagues–in a simple and transparant way- for help or verification. They can reply instantly in the application and keep all the info centralized.

Optimize your processes with

our top-notch technology

Choose which processes you want to automate

Make an automated workflow based on rules, linked actions and smart alerts. Automation aligned with your company specific requirements creates freedom to focus on the real important stuff.

Use AI-based cash forecasting

Determine relevant parameters in scoring the financial risk of a client by using machine learning algorithms. Assign actions to credit controllers based on their individual strenghts for higher success rates.

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Since artificial intelligence is capable of learning, its analyses become more accurate over time and can take more factors into account.

Automatically assess the risk profile of your client

Take into account the parameters of your choice. Convert those into a financial score and create a dynamic financial risk profile. Automatically assign clients to the appropriate workflow.

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The financial scoring is a dynamic process: you can change, add or delete the parameters throughout time and experience. 

Examples include the credit controller who keeps track of the invoice, the period when the invoice was drawn up and recurring patterns, such as a customer who always happens to pay after receiving a personal phone call from the credit controller.

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