Get personal with RPA

iController uses RPA to assign the correct workflow to clients using predefined criteria, and providing a truly client-centric service. Automation of procedures and workflows help reduce repetitive tasks and make time for more complex jobs.

Identify the right procedures

Automate the assignment of clients to procedures. You can do this based on information extrapolated from internal or external variables, or a combination of both.

Find the right procedure for the right client based on factors such as the way they pay, whether they are B2C or B2B companies or whether they are VAT registered. You have complete freedom of choice.

RPA - Identify the right procedures
RPA - Exploit workflow potential

Exploit workflow potential

Match your procedures with the correct corresponding workflow.

Workflows allow you to completely automate actions and communication with your clients and provide a bespoke service to each of them. They take into account the wishes of your clients in all your credit management communication, considering what is sent, when and through which channel.

Maximise your management skills

Use a personal approach and unleash the power of management by exception. Choose which clients you wish to follow up automatically and which you’d rather do manually.

By automating the workflow process using RPA you’ll give yourself more time to personally manage only the most important issues, such as dealing with delicate clients, or finding solutions for those with financial problems.

RPA - Maximise your management skills
RPA - Authorise individual preferences

Authorise individual preferences

Make your clients’ individual preferences a priority. There are many reasons why different clients like different methods of communication and by using their preferred method you can strengthen the relationship and build trust.

Take advantage of integrated API

Enjoy seamless connection with your accounting software thanks to our integrated API. With a fast and easy setup, both systems will be continuously communicating right from the start.

If a client doesn’t pay and you need to temporarily stop supplying goods or services, you simply update this in the iController tool, which will automatically communicate with your ERP package.

Furthermore, it also enables you to efficiently communicate with colleagues, who can automatically be warned if a client is about to receive a reminder.

RPA - Take advantage of integrated API

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