Strengthen your risk management

Our sophisticated risk management module uses integration with trade information and credit insurance partners, enabling you to identify potential risk behaviour of your clients. Access value-adding insights, based on continuously analysed formulas and figures, into the risk profiles of current and future clients.

Map your risk

Gain profound insights by combining external trading information and payment behaviour into the iController score.

Choose which external or internal variables you use to calculate the risk, and determine the weight of each variable.

Acquire a 360° view of each client’s risk profile that allows you to act upon the real risk instead of the potential one. You can find out more in this blogpost about mapping your risk.

map your risk
Harness the versatility

Harness the versatility

Automatically move clients to different dunning procedures, which are fully personalised and dictate how closely you’ll follow up with reminders.

Reliable clients may only receive one reminder in the unlikely event they are late, whereas frequent late payers warrant stricter monitoring, and receive early reminders, followed by more once the deadline has passed.

Procedures can change if a client’s risk level alters, and be tailored depending on client profile and preference.

Achieve deeper integration

Assure your peace of mind and security by knowing who your riskiest clients are. While most trading information partners only provide this about the 100 riskiest clients, we will do so for all of them.

And, while any changes in the credit score of each client is monitored constantly and uploaded on the system, we will not overwhelm you with constant notifications, unless you choose to receive them.

Achieve deeper integration

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