Speed up your payments
with personalised reminder

Personalising your communications with clients looks more professional, builds integrity and is more recognisable. Ultimately, it will help ensure you are paid faster. However, the advantages don’t stop there.

Adapt to survive

Guarantee you get the right message across by completely personalising your reminder templates, using multiple versions with easily adaptable content.

You can tailor reminders for each company by changing the full layout and using different fonts and font sizes, fully coded in HTML.

You can also choose exactly which invoices are being referred to, such as all invoices, only non-paid invoices, only overdue invoices, only invoices with one prior reminder. You have complete freedom of choice.

Get the right tone

Ensure better control over dunning letters by changing the tone of communication in the first, second and following reminders.

Establish an efficient communication process where you can address your clients in a specific way, in their own language, and change the tone depending on myriad factors, including company size, type, industry and culture.

Let us do the hard work

Save yourself time. We understand how busy you are, and the pressures of running a business of any size. You can choose from a wide selection of model templates, saving you starting from scratch, and if you don’t want to spend your precious time personalising them, our design team can do it for you.

Channel your success

Secure accuracy and relevance by modifying content depending on the communication channel, whether it’s email, registered email, letters, SMS or registered letters. With no more scrolling through long-winded SMS, you can use short, pithy sentences to get the message across quickly and efficiently, with one hyperlink.

Once templates for different communication channels have been designed, you have immediate, real-time access to your template library and a simple click allows you to add the right workflow to the relevant template.

Integration is key

Create sophisticated internal process automations. We offer full integration with any application you want and have longstanding partnerships with some of the industry’s leading players, including IPEX/Speos, Messagebird and Twikey.

By sending registered mails through print partners, and setting up direct debits, you can drastically reduce the workload for your credit control team, allowing them to be more productive and bolster your bottom line.

There are many more advantages to our integration capabilities, including making it easier for clients to pay in one simple click.

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