Take charge of your cashflow with On-demand Financing

Control your cash flow and get instant access to capital with On-demand Financing by selling your outstanding invoices to factoring specialist, KBC. As a KBC client, one click is all it takes for the invoice to be sent for authorisation and paid within 24 hours.

Enjoy efficiency and transparency

Get an overview of the factoring cost of each invoice at a glance and benefit from the full transparency. Decision made? One simple click is all it takes to request a factoring, eliminating any possible hassle of collecting the invoice.

on demand financing
On demand financing

Pre-finance specific invoices

Take ultimate control by choosing which invoices – or clients – you wish to pre-finance, with the confidence of KBC’s expertise in supporting invoices based on predetermined criteria. Unlike most factoring services, you aren’t required to factor all of your invoices at once, and by picking and choosing, based on whatever criteria you want, you can be confident that cash will remain king.

Boost your cash flow

Inject some cash into your business when you need it. Get the peace of mind that comes with a healthy bank balance in 24 hours, instead of anxiously waiting an indeterminate period of time for payment from the client.

on demand financing
on demand financing

Forget about follow up invoices

Get paid and then get on with the important job of running your business. It doesn’t matter what happens to the invoice after you’ve received payment, because KBC will take care of the follow-up. Let On-demand Financing ease your mind, as KBC’s insurance covers all risks – even in the unlikely case of a non-payment.

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