Boost your reporting capabilities

Eliminate the need to splash the cash on expensive BI software. iController’s cutting-edge reporting tool gives you centralised or decentralised information in one place, across countries, corporations and currencies.

Learn the basics

Dispense with the need for IT help. Our reporting tool lets you easily create reports in minutes with a few simple clicks.

You can access several basic templates in the reporting library, all of which can be copied and downloaded into different document types.

learn the basics
Add value to your reporting

Add value

Create your own dynamic reports instantly using the simple drag and drop system. You have total freedom over the data you want to include and the order in which it’s presented. You can rename the columns and modify the report according to your own unique KPIs.

The dynamic reports can be saved as templates and the information can be represented in both excel files or as infographics.

Control report sharing and access

Produce dashboards from the reports and manage who you send which report to and how often. Grant other people access to all, or specific, reports. Depending on the recipient’s classification, they can either simply view the report or edit it.

Control report sharing
Deblock challenging invoices

Deblock challenging invoices

Focus on problem areas and make reports about blocked invoices. Management by exception can highlight inefficiencies and enable you to deal with them in a targetted manner, for example, by manually following up particular clients where there has been a disputed invoice.

Get tooled up

Enjoy full integration with BI tools. iController’s API provides connection to all BI systems. This is particularly advantageous for big companies who would otherwise spend time and money creating the very specific formats required to upload. Instead, they can be easily tailored in one dynamic report and automatically uploaded to the BI tool, which can then analyse the data and provide more in-depth insights.

Get tooled up with BI tools

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