Revolutionise your cash forecasting with AI

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Our cutting-edge AI tool can take your cash forecasting to the next level. Garnering data from a variety of parameters, you can gain the perfect, real-time overview of your cash flow, making iController the perfect assistant for your credit control.

Gauge your clients’ risk profile

Gain a perfect overview of your cash flow based on real time analysis of your clients’ behaviours and habits.

iController’s advanced AI technology provides incisive, accurate cash forecasting, painting a precise picture of exactly when a client will probably pay, that statistics alone cannot do.

So, for example, if a client usually pays after 30 days, but one time does so after 60, statistics will take the average and log that client as paying on day 45. Our AI cash forecasting will recognise the late payment as an anomaly and expect the next payment at 30 days, unless there are further late payments.


Learn your clients’ behaviour

Recognise the pattern of your clients’ payment activity. Our AI bot builds a complex profile of your clients based on a variety of criteria including payment history, what sector they are in and their own personal profile.

It applies very specific information to each and every client and provides in-depth behaviour predictions. It can recognise that late payment may be due to a higher invoice than usual or a backlog in the invoice department or even a change of credit controller.

Further, it can recognise yearly patterns such as no payment in July from construction clients due to construction leave.

Visualise your cash forecasting

Keep automatically up-to-date with potential threats to your company’s cash flow. Forearmed is forewarned and our AI tool allows you to visualise your estimated cash flow based on normal behaviour of clients and show the information in your dashboard instantly giving you the time and opportunity to avoid any problems.


Optimise your payment process

Receive automatic recommendations about invoice and reminder management. The comprehensive data our AI tool creates allows you to know the perfect time to send your invoice to each individual client. It can calculate that a particular client pays fastest when they are sent the invoice on the third week of the month and called about it on the same day, or that a non payment in August is due to summer holidays and does not need to be followed up.

Get paid as quickly as possible

Let iController do the work for you by automatically adapting your procedures and workflows to the optimal way to get paid as soon as possible.


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