Developer portal

Welcome to iControllers developer’s portal. This page will provide you with all necessary technical information to get your platform up and running.


Read the complete guide to set up the iController XML export. This is part of the synchronization between your accounting software and iController.

Verify your export file

This site allows you to validate your export file and offers different ways to easily do the validation. Download an example export as a reference.

iController SPF check

Without SPF records, e-mails sent with iController have a higher probability to be marked as spam. This tool helps you with the configuration.

iController datalink

Learn how to load your debtor data into iController using iController datalink. You should already have an export in valid format.

iController pull API

Extract your realtime master data out of iController using our pull API. Request your access token to test what data you can extract.

Supported API’s

iController has plug&play integrations with multiple partners like Microsoft Business Central, Exact Online, Graydon, Twinfield, …

Reach out to our superhero support team if something’s not clear. We’d love to assist you!

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