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Dec 28, 2021

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iController has over the years built out a deep know-how in collections management. With the successful roll-out of hundreds of projects, where customer centricity and client satisfaction were top of our minds, we established our place as the leading collections management solution in Europe.

U.S. customers of Billtrust with international presence and/or ambitions can now leverage the expertise iController has built over the years. And European companies with U.S. subsidiaries can use Billtrust AR optimization know-how and solutions to drive financial growth.

Local strength

Creating customer value, and really putting customers first is and was always the mission for iController. We’ve dealt with multilingual customers in different European countries, and with different currencies. Along the line we’ve created top-of-the-line development, sales and customer service teams.

It all added up and most importantly: made the product better. The B2B collections process is more streamlined now than ever. The end goal remains the same: help companies and organisations be more efficient and get paid faster.

factors that add up to faster cash

Going forward, multiple factors are going to add up to faster cash for internationally operating companies:

  • Localized compliance to avoid slowdowns
  • Customer support fluent in local languages
  • Local assistance with communications and content creation 

The philosophy will always be the same: serve every customer locally. And at iController and Billtrust everything’s set up to do just that.

Global outreach

As we grow internationally together, we can offer our customers that same confidence in their global growth journeys. 

The same Billtrust cash flow solutions that made doing business in the U.S. easier and more efficient are now benefiting from internationalization. Our new international development teams, product leaders and service organizations are infusing Billtrust’s AR automation and B2B payments technologies with new capacities. 

serving international customers

U.S. customers will be able to serve their international customers using local language options when invoicing to ensure clarity in communications. All local tax and legal requirements will be integrated. New currency options and international integration partners are coming soon. 

Going global by staying local, that’s our motto going forward together.

If you’d like to learn more about how iController and Billtrust can help you serve your customers, wherever they are, get in touch.

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