Aangetekend Mailen (EU)

sep 9, 2020


Send registered e-mail in Europe through iController and our partner Aangetekendmailen.nl. For more information about the legal context, visit Aangetekendmailen.nl.

Aangetekendmailen.nl and iController offer an integration, which means you can send registered emails through iController. The cost of a registered email is much lower than a traditional registered letter and it will save you lots of time.

If you wish to use this service, please follow the steps below.

  • Send us an email. We will get you in touch with Aangetekendmailen.nl.
  • They will provide us with the necessary integration credentials.
  • Our customer success team will activate the registered emails module for you.

As from 1.000 credits you get the advantage of setting up the registered emails completely in your corporate identity.

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