iController’s name
is changing to Billtrust.

A year ago, Billtrust announced its acquisition of iController, demonstrating
a continued commitment to growth and global expansion.

As the next step in that acquisition, iController will soon be known as Billtrust Collections – a name that represents the integration between the two companies’ products.

The name change will take effect within the iController product this December, and in documentation, communication, and on the website in the coming months.

We recently joined the Billtrust family

Our features

Personalised reminders

Personalising your communications with clients looks more professional, builds integrity and is more recognisable. Ultimately, it will help ensure you are paid faster. However, the advantages don’t stop there.

Integrate add-ons

Make it easy as for your clients to pay immediately and on time by using our selection of useful add-ons in your reminders.

Risk management

Our sophisticated risk management module uses integration with trade information and credit insurance partners, enabling you to identify potential risk behaviour of your clients. Access value-adding insights, based on continuously analysed formulas and figures, into the risk profiles of current and future clients.

Get personal with RPA

iController uses RPA to assign the correct workflow to clients using predefined criteria, and providing a truly client-centric service. Automation of procedures and workflows help reduce repetitive tasks and make time for more complex jobs.

Boost your reporting

Eliminate the need to splash the cash on expensive BI software. iController’s cutting-edge reporting tool gives you centralised or decentralised information in one place, across countries, corporations and currencies.

Invoice & document management

Ease your handling of invoices and documents. Instead of sending invoices using your ERP and accounting systems, our solution lets you bundle all communication in one tool, allowing proactive management and shorter lines of communication.

AI-based cash flow forecasting

Our cutting-edge AI tool can take your cash forecasting to the next level. Garnering data from a variety of parameters, you can gain the perfect, real-time overview of your cash flow.

RPA - Maximise your management skills

Revolutionary software for credit management that fits your
requirements on a local and global scale.

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Debtor management will always be hard work. But whereas it used to be an endless mountain that had to be conquered twice a month, it is now a continuous process with a few easily digestible chunks every day.

Frederiek Vanpeteghem

Finance Manager at Alertis

Why use icontroller

Continue to use your own applications

Manage disputes quickly and efficiently

Gain insight into your customers’ payment behavior

Take control over your company’s cash flow

Share and consult all information in real time

Risk scoring based on internal and external data

Perfect for everyone that sends invoices

Credit controllers

The most user-friendly tool for credit controllers. Get a clear overview of your daily todo’s and work with a tailor-made approach for each client.

Credit managers and CFO’s

The ultimate reporting tool: all realtime information in one location. Central or decentral follow-up & reporting, over different countries/(sub)companies/currencies with data from different systems.

Everything you need to know about blockchain in the order-to-cash process.